Shops and Businesses 

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An advertisement in the Farnham Herald on December 16 1939 listed all of these shops in Churt.

Fishmonger, Greengrocer, Hairdresser, Tuck Shop, Newsagent and Confectioner, Ladies’ and Gents’ Outfitter, Chemist, Baker, Ironmonger.


The garage in the centre of the village was one of the early businesses in Churt.

There were some very early motorists in the village including the artist James Clarke Hook in Silverbeck, Mark Mayhew in Bookhams and Colonel Rose at Old Kiln so a garage might have been necessary in the early 1900s.  The Churt garage had stabling so, possibly, it developed from servicing horse transport to cars.

The first photo which shows the garage in the centre of the village with its petrol pumps.

Arthur Percy Grimes came to the area in 1926 and he and his brother bought Overton’s garage in Grayshott which was opposite The Fox and Pelican.  He bought the Churt business as a going concern in the early/mid 1930’s when it was also trading as Overtons.

He rebuilt it in the art deco style in the mid 30’s.  See the second photograph.

Mr Grimes retired in the early 1950’s and let the business to ‘Tug’ Charman and Mr Robbins. They ran it until the late 60’s when Swain & Jones of Farnham took over the lease running it as a Ford Dealership.

In 1972 Wickins Bros (Ian and David) took on the lease and put in the Citroen franchise.  I finally became McDonald Garages in the mid 70’s.  It was rebuilt in 1989.  (Third photo.)


Picture of the garage mentioned in the text
Picture of the Citroen Garage mentioned in the text
Picture of the garage mentioned in the text
Shops and businesses in Churt over the years.  These are the entries in the directories listed.  There are many more directories available.


Name and address of business Kelly’s Directory 1891 Kelly’s Directory 1913 Farnham Directory 1947
Cross Roads Inn (Crossways) John Baker Montague Mullard R Tickner
Farmer and grocer William Baker
Wheelwright Abraham Boxall
Farmer and shoemaker Charles Deadman
The Royal Huts Public House John Ellistone John Ellistone
Market gardener, Bookhams Farm George Harris
Baker (east end of Hale House) Robert Heath
Blacksmith, Redhearn Green Andrew Karn Andrew Karn
Carpenter, Oak Cottage, Hale House Lane James Marden James Marden
Pride of the Valley, Public House Joseph Marshall Joseph Marshall
Grocer and Post Office (corner of Jumps Road) Thomas Martin Mrs Ann Martin
Devil’s Jumps Public House Mrs Pawsey
Flock dealer, Barford Mill Frank Reeves
Carrier, Crossways Silas Mullard
Plumber, Redhearn Green Arthur Karn
Grocer, Crossways Charles Carter
Baker, Redhearn Green William John Crane
Grocer and farmer Charles Deadman
Builder William Deadman
Physician and Surgeon David Donald MD
Shopkeeper Old Kiln Lane Miss Ann Dutton
Carpenter, Tilford Road William Hy Hurst
‘La Mode’ Churt Crossways GE Bowmer
Overton’s Garage, Churt Crossways FE Charman
The Tuck Shop, Churt Crossways Miss D Charman
Churt Supply Stores Mrs Richards
Crossways Pharmacy DA Smith


Shopping habits change and we have fewer shops now. 

In 2022 we can boast a hairdresser, a lawnmower repair shop, a bathroom shop, an Indian restaurant and a newsagent and general store which includes a Post Office.