St. John’s Church

St John's Church Churt

There was no consecrated church in Churt until 1868, prior to that Churt was a tithing of the parish of Frensham in the diocese of Winchester.  The parish of St John the Evangelist, Churt was gazetted in 1868 and, with some boundary changes, remained part of the Winchester diocese until the diocese of Guildford was established in 1928.  In 2003 St John’s became part of the United Benefice of St John’s with St. Alban’s, Hindhead.  Since that time there has been a part-time Resident Minister at St John’s.

The people of the tithing of Churt, which at the time extended all the way to the outskirts of Haslemere, found it difficult to attend the church in Frensham and in 1838 a small chapel was built on Redhearn Green, exactly where the church is now.  Services were held there for a few years, but because of a dispute with the Bishop had stopped by 1845.

But in 1868 the church was enlarged, a vicar appointed and the church was consecrated by Bishop Sumner.  There have been services ever since.
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