churt village hall


Churt Village Hall was given to the village in 1928 by Frank Mason, a local businessman.  Following World War I the 10-acre Crossways Field in the centre of the village was converted into a recreation ground as a memorial to the dead of the First World War.  Five and a half acres would be reserved for public recreation and the remaining area divided into quarter-acre building plots to be sold originally only to ex-servicemen.  There were at least 75 ex-servicemen to be considered and four plots were reserved for shops.  One plot of land remained unsold and the Village Hall was opened on this site.

One of the Hall’s early Trustees was David Lloyd George, who was a local resident

Churt WI began meeting in the Hall in 1928 and have continued to do so ever since.  Before the Second World War the children from the village Primary School used to walk over daily to have their lunch in the Hall.  During the War the Hall was used for Wartime Services and the locally stationed Canadian army held weekly dances. It’s since been used for wedding receptions, quizzes, flower shows, amateur dramatics and the myriad other events in the life of a busy village.

For more information go to the village hall website: Churt Village Hall

Would anyone like to research the complete history of the village hall, and then write it up?